Program overview

DuPont NutriScholars Awards (DNA) program was initiated by DuPont Nutrition & Health to drive commercially viable innovation in academic fraternity and increase DuPont’s capabilities in foods and beverages by engaging academia at multiple levels.

Bakery industry is huge in India and offers a wide range of affordable ready-to-eat/ packaged foods in India. Urban and young population is growing at a faster rate and the demand for nutritional, convenient and healthy foods is becoming important. DuPont Nutrition & Health aims to ignite the flame of imagination in student’s minds, and direct innovation towards not only identifying problems, but also enhancement of bakery foods in nutritional and sensory attributes.

The current edition of DNA strengthens DuPont’s objective of bringing innovative ideas in bakery food industry using DuPontTM Danisco® range of ingredients.

This program aims to…

  • Provide a platform for collaboration between industry, students, and the academia
  • Endeavor to develop commercially scalable innovation capability of university students
  • Create a pipeline of innovative food ideas in bakery foods using DuPontTM Danisco® functional and health-promoting food ingredients

The DuPont NutriScholars Awards- Season 2 offers five exciting award categories:

1. The vegetarian cake treat: Eggless bar cake re-designed with soy proteins, invariable in sensory attributes

Challenge is to re-design a vegetarian, egg-free bar cake (high ratio cake, unlike sponge cake) with industrial scalability. Bar cake prepared with whey protein concentrate (WPC at concentration of 4.5%) must be considered as standard. WPC (minimum of 20%) must be replaced with soy proteins (mandatory – as a cost effective solution than expensive WPC) and any other ingredients to match the texture, taste, volume, mouthfeel and other quality sensory attributes of control egg-based bar cake product. It must include at least one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredients listed here.

Each product sample should weigh 200g and must have minimum shelf life of 20 days. It can contain other DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredient(s) to improve nutritional profile.


2. Innovation in muffins and cupcakes: A spectacular twist in the taste and texture of muffins/cupcakes using DuPont innovative ingredient technology

Challenge is to innovate an egg-based muffins or cupcake with better appearance, taste, texture and industrial scalability. It must include at least one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredients listed here. It can contain other DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredient(s) and additives from other brands. Cake gel and bake stable filling can be used in the recipe.

Product must have minimum shelf life of 15 days. For example, muffins with healthy raw materials or ingredients to improve overall nutritional profile, fruits or chocolate filled muffins et cetera.


3. Healthy breads: A healthy twist in the ubiquitous breads by nourishing with protein and fiber

Challenge is to bake a vegetarian, egg-free white pan bread using 100% chakki atta. Bread nourished with protein (15%) and fiber (6%) content must be considered as standard. Soy proteins and fiber must be used to improve protein and fiber content (minimum 5% increase). Soy nuggets/isolates from DuPontTM Danisco® must be used.

Product can contain different sources of protein and fiber. It must include at least one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredients listed here. Each bread loaf should weigh 400g and must have minimum shelf life of 5 days. Bread size & dimensions must conform with the industry standards.


4. Gluten free and healthy cookies: Popular Tea-time snack redefined with the deliciousness and goodness of non-wheat grains for the munchers

Challenge is to prepare an egg and gluten free cookie with whole grains – cereals or pulses (No wheat flour / Atta / Chickpea / Gram / semolina). Product formulation should contain minimum of 8% fiber, 5% added protein from DuPontTM Soy protein ingredient and not more than 18% fat and 18% sugar each. Soy proteins must be used to enrich the protein content, nuggets/isolates from DuPontTM Danisco® can be used. It must include at least one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredients listed here. Product should not contain any milk based raw materials.

Each baked cookie should weigh not more than 20g and must have minimum shelf life of 3 months. Texture and sensory attributes should resemble that of commercial cookies in the market. Product should be innovative and must not be existing product in the Indian retail market.


5. ‘Out-of-the-box’ bakery innovation: An open challenge to create a unique and innovative baked snack with the industry level scalability

Challenge is to develop an innovative “baked” snack with industrial scalability.

This baked snack can be a cookie, cake, fermented baked goods, cake rusk or fusion product. It can contain egg and must include at least one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredients listed here.

Product sample must have minimum 15 days of shelf life or any period defined for its category. For example, biscuits can have 6 months of shelf life.

  • Each prize-winning team in a category will be rewarded INR 50,000.
  • It is free to apply in this competition. The platform offers upto INR 50,000 to Phase 2 winner teams and upto INR 5000 of experimental fund for each shortlisted team in Phase 1.
  • In addition to the first-hand experience of product development, winning team members will stand a chance to work as an intern with DuPont Nutrition & Health for a period of upto four weeks with food application center, which can help in shaping up his/her career in food industry.
  • All members from the winning team will have an opportunity to interview for the four weeks internship. Appearing in the selection process does not guarantee as an intern.
  • If selected, internship will be provided in the DuPont food application center in Gurugram in the calendar year 2019.
  • If the proposals submitted fail to meet relevant requirements and rules of the competition, the organizers have the right to adjust the number of final proposals and awards.
  • Each member of the finalist teams will receive a certificate and one representative of each winning team nominated by the team leader will be provided with an opportunity to attend the DuPont NutriScholars Awards ceremony. Representative nomination made by the winning team/team leader shall be final and can’t be changed at a later stage.


From August 31, 2018, student teams from Indian Universities/institutes will be invited to submit a comprehensive and detailed proposal of their solution to any one of the five bakery innovation challenges (5 award categories). These proposals will be assessed and evaluated based on the extended list of predefined criteria. Evaluation panel will select top ten best-scored proposal by second week of October 2018. All the applications must be submitted electronically using the online form.


Ten finalist teams selected from Phase 1, for each award category will receive experimental fund of INR 5000 each and DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients as per the requirement stated in their proposals.

The teams must develop product based on their proposal and submit complete report and product between 10-15 November 2018 for the final evaluation ceremony to be held at Gurugram.

One representative (team leader) per winning team will be invited to for the season 2 awards ceremony in Delhi NCR in December, 2018.