Program Guidelines

Entries must include an experimental concept to solve the challenges in the five award categories.

Selection committee will be evaluating the product design proposal based on the innovativeness, potential of the product to be successful commercially and technical skills in product development using one or more DuPontTM Danisco® food ingredient/s. Following are the general rules for the program:

  1. No extra or additional score will be awarded by the selection committee other than the criteria mentioned for the two phases of the program.
  2. The program will focus on food science and technology skills in product design and development. So, no extra points will be awarded for packaging graphics or presentation.
  3. Proposal already submitted for any other competition or funded by external or government agency must not be used/entered in this competition. If found at a later stage, such proposal(s) will be rejected
  1. A team can consist of one to five members from same institute, including under graduate, post graduate, PhD students as well as a professor/research scientist as mentor.
  2. Each team member must be enrolled at an accredited college/University as a student for the academic year 2018-2019.
  3. Each team can participate in only one of the five award categories. No duplication of team or team members are allowed.
  4. Each team must designate a team leader as main contact. Such nominations made by the team shall be final and can’t be changed at a later stage unless with prior approval of DuPont Nutrition & Health.
  5. Teams must have a faculty advisor to testify to confirm compliance with the program regulations and verify status of the students.
  6. It is mandatory to use at least one or more products from DuPontTM Danisco® ingredient portfolio in the final product. Refer to the list of functional ingredients listed here that can be used in the bakery product design and development.

Please read the participant handbook carefully before applying for the program.

Download Participant handbook for complete details on the program criteria and selection process

Kindly note that…

    1. The organizers have the right to invite food manufacturers to trial-produce some or all the samples/concepts according to the submitted reports, and the finalists are obligated to provide certain ingredients and technical assistance.
    2. If the finalists, for some reasons, cannot submit samples and reports according to the plan, they shall promptly notify the organizers or the evaluation panel and explain the reasons, and the organizers have the right to recover some or all the supporting scientific research funds.
    3. The intellectual property rights of finalist and winning works are mutually owned by the participants and DuPont Nutrition & Health.
    4. The organizers have the right to use relevant formulation and picture information in market development or other activities. DuPont Nutrition & Health has right to develop concepts from Phase 1 and finalist and winning product from Phase 2 of this competition.
  1. All the applications will be evaluated based on the criteria (tabulated below)
  2. The total score granted by the evaluation panel will determine the finalists and winners
  3. Top ten teams in each award category to compete in Phase 2 of DuPont NutriScholars Awards will be selected according to the four-page proposal and requisite documents. The reports will be scored using the 100-point scale (tabulated below)
  4. DuPont NutriScholars Awards finalist teams competing in the Phase 2 will be evaluated using 200-point scale. The points are distributed as stated below:
  5. Criteria for proposal evaluation: Phase 1
Criteria/Factors Score
  1. Product description 5
  2. Product formulation 10
Process description 5
Innovativeness 20
Industrial scalability 5
Technical feasibility/workability 10
Improvement in health/nutrition value/taste 10
Infrastructure 5
Application of listed DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients 5
Cost estimation 5
  1. Product market positioning 5
  2. Market potential 5
Safety and shelf life:
  1. Food safety and quality 5
  2. Validation of shelf life 5
  • All references cited within the proposal must follow Journal of Food Science formatting. References list must be submitted as a separate PDF document with the proposal document.
  • The information on each of the participants in the team including name, school and university, class/grade and contact information (phone number and email address) should be submitted as a separate document in the given application format and should not appear within the proposal.
  • Selection panel for Phase 1 will comprise of DuPont experts. The proposal from each participating university will be evaluated according to the scoring criteria by the expert panellists.
  • The organizing and selection committee will preliminarily review and score each of the submitted proposals and select at least ten finalists for the grand finale.
  • All the finalist team will obtain the DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients and supporting experiment fund of INR 5,000 offered by DuPont Nutrition & Health.
  • The intellectual property rights of finalist and winning works are mutually owned by the participants and DuPont Nutrition & Health.
  • Criteria for Product Evaluation: Phase 2
Category Criteria Score
Report Innovativeness 15
Technical feasibility 15
Nutrition and health value 10
Dosage and usage of DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients 10
Product description 10
Process description 10
Marketing 10
Safety/shelf life 5
Originality & Clarity 10
Completeness of the report 5
Product Sample product appearance 20
Taste/Flavor 30
Texture/Physical sensory 30
Shelf life 10
Packaging 10
  1. Please read handbook carefully before submitting your application in online mode
  2. Participating team should submit complete proposal reports in the prescribed application format only by 11.59pm IST on September 28, 2018. Applications received after September 28, 2018 will not be accepted.
  3. Completed applications in word format (.doc, .docx) must be submitted in the program website
  4. Mentor signature must be uploaded to confirm compliance to the program regulations in image format (.jpeg, .jpg, .png)
  5. Image attachments to showcase the technical feasibility of your proposal, infrastructure (maximum four for each criteria) must be uploaded in the image format (.jpeg, .jpg, .png)
  6. Application for Phase 1 requires proposal, which must be four-page or less (not including cover page, reference and other attachments). The report must be a word file in 11pt Arial font and single-spacing format and all text and figures must be on A4 paper (21cm × 29.7 cm) size.
  7. The cover page should contain the product and team information (product name, team member’s names and institute name). Proposal should contain the following contents:

DuPont NutriScholars Awards – Phase 1 proposal report

  1. Product description
    1. Ingredients
    2. Product formulation (standard & proposed product)
  2. Process description
    1. Processing procedures
  3. Innovative approach
    1. Proposal of new raw materials
    2. Proposal of new processing technology
    3. Proposal of product format/delivery/packaging
  4. Industrial scalability
  5. Technical feasibility/workability
  6. Improvement in health/nutrition value/taste
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Application of listed DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients
  9. Cost estimation
  10. Market:
    1. Product market positioning
    2. Market potential
  11. Safety and shelf life
    1. Food safety and quality
    2. Validation of shelf life
  12. References
  13. Attachments:
    1. Mentor signature to confirm compliance with the program regulations
    2. Technical feasibility/workability – Pictures of the proposed product prepared with the minimal ingredients. No financial or technical support will be provided for the experimentation before submitting your application.
    3. Infrastructure – Pictures of the infrastructure available for the experimentation (key equipment, laboratory)
October 3, 2018 Application deadline for DuPont NutriScholars Awards – Season 2
October 12, 2018 Announcement of finalist teams for DuPont NutriScholars Awards – Season 2
October 2018 – November 2018 Financial and technical support to finalist teams
November 12, 2018 Application deadline for Project report
November 16, 2018 Deadline for submission of products for Phase 2 evaluation
November 20, 2018 Final Adjudication: DuPont NutriScholars Awards
November 23, 2018 Announcement of DuPont NutriScholars Award winners for Season 2
December 10, 2018 DNA Season 2 Awards ceremony