• I want to form a team with a few undergraduates and a PhD scholar. Can I?

    The teams can consist of individuals from different levels. The only restriction is that you must be from the same institution and have a mentor.

  • How to submit the application?

    All the applications can be submitted only through online mode – fill in online fields and upload requisite documents and mentor’s signature (as a scanned image)

  • Can I post/courier my application to you?

    Please do not courier. Use the online form to submit your application as well as to upload associated contents. Physical applications received will not be considered for the awards. In case we require any physical documentation, we will get in touch with you and request for it specifically.

  • We are a team of 5. Do each of us get INR 5,000?

    No. The experimental grant of INR 5,000 is for the full team. You must use it judiciously to develop your concept into a prototype. The final prize is also for the team, for you to split amongst yourselves.

  • The cost of developing the prototype is more than the experimental grant

    The experimental grant cannot be enhanced. It is a seed fund to encourage you to begin working on the prototype.

  • I need additional time to submit my application

    Deadline for submission of proposal for bakery product challenge is on or before October 3, 2018. We are sorry, the deadline cannot be extended. But we wish you all the best for your application in the next edition of this competition.

  • Can this be considered as part of our course work project

    This project is not part of any formal project work/lab experience program and neither DuPont Nutrition & Health nor F1rst can certify your work as such. You cannot claim any course credits either.

  • I have a doubt/enquiry and how to get it clarified?

    Please try to read the handbook carefully and if still you need clarification regarding the contest or have technical or ingredient related queries, please fill in the query form and it will be addressed in due course of time.